At Southern Specialties, food safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality produce possible, and we do this by engaging in the best food safety practices every step of the way.

Food safety begins on the farms, where we monitor water sources, limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and rely on the use of beneficial insects to provide biological controls, where possible.

Our trained quality assurance team works hard to maintain our food safety standards, and closely monitors each phase of the process. Comprehensive guidelines and procedures are adhered to at every stage of production, from planting and harvesting in the field, to processing in our facilities, to distributing to our customers' warehouses.

Our team of experts works closely to ensure proper food safety procedures are adhered to at all levels within the organization. NSF Agriculture conducts random third party inspections to verify our practices are among the safest in the industry. Our customers come first, and we consistently strive to deliver the safest, freshest and best tasting products to keep them happy and healthy.

To learn more about NSF Agriculture and the services the organization offers to growers like ours, visit: or view our YouTube video.

Growing in the Americas

Fresh is what we do. Each product is special, and has its own unique growing requirements to help it thrive.

We've found the ideal micro climate for each of our products from the finest farms in North, South and Central America, and Canada. We've searched the Americas for the best conditions and harvest each product during its peak growing season, so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful and nutritious produce all year long.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability has been part of our framework since Southern Specialties was founded more than twenty years ago. Providing for healthy, educated workers and the wise use of our natural resources remains an important facet of our corporate responsibility. The proper stewardship of our farmlands assures we have the least impact on our environment. We support local communities. Our assistance provides direct benefits to local school systems, helps bring in more doctors and dentists, and boosts the growth of healthy team activities like children's intramural soccer.

The foundation of sustainability helps us protect the environment and care for our population while remaining economically viable. We strive to maintain this structure for the benefit of our families and our future population. We are proud to offer a selection of products that are Fair Trade Certified or Rainforest Alliance Certified. To learn more click on the icons.